Cycles Analysis - Harnessing Cycles,Mastering Profits


At Cycles Analysis, our aim is to issue high probability, low risk trade research across various markets including commodities, stocks and foreign exchange.

Often markets will demonstrate periods of rising prices, periods of declining prices and periods where prices consolidate. Prior alerts to possible and probable turning points are highly useful to our clients. This allows them to:

  • Potentially enter a trading campaign earlier and stay in longer
  • Avoid entering a campaign when the market could potentially reverse direction
  • Aid option traders who are seeking steady movement in the underlying prices

There are 3 elements required to enter a low-risk trading campaign:

  • Market hits price target;
  • A Key time cycle is present;
  • A trigger setup is in place;.

Cycles Analysis have developed proprietary systems based on 18 years of research into market behaviour. Our research shows that markets do follow a series of cycles or waves with differing amplitudes and lengths. Whilst regular seasonal cycles often reflect consistent change in price direction, their accuracy is not always reliable. By adding what we call "DNA" action we are able to improve the accuracy of forecasting and also identify time cycles which act as triggers for moves and reversals.


"I've known Andy for a number of years.  He knows cycles better than anybody I've ever met, and I've studies cycles all my life.  In fact, the thing I was most impressed with is that he's come up with a model that ends up having three levels of cycles that kind of have to come together for you to really see a change in trend, and this is the exact same thing I've learned in 30 years of studying cycles." It takes a combination of longer term factors, intermediate and short term to really capture cycles and to be able to forecast accurately. It's not enough to just look at one level of cycles. When I saw his model, I thought that's exactly the way a model should look. And, of course, most models don't look like that. I'm happy to know Andy and happy to work with him and trade stories on cycles because there are very few people who understand cycles like Andy does.
- Harry S Dent Jr(Bestselling Author and Renowned Economic Forecaster )